Winds of development in the fell: Ylläs Avain is making its operations more digital

YlläsKey (Ylläs Avain) has launched a project funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) with the specific aim of strengthening business, especially from the perspective of digitalization and the green economy.

Main goal of the project is to make YlläsKey’s business processes digital. During the project YlläsKey tests new digital systems. When choosing the right digital system it will have a positive impact on key safety, key hygiene and it will also make it easier to move real time data both inside the company and towards its co-operators and customers. We highly assume that making YlläsKey’s processes digital will also positively impact the company brand and its viability. Sustainable development and gender equality are taking into account through out the project.

Project duration: 2.5.2021–30.6.2022.

Project name: Acquisition and customization of a new digital system for YlläsKey Ltd

Granted fundig fron EU and the goverment: 11 010 eur

Contact information:
Pekka Lindstedt, project manager, +358 40 704 5620
Tiina Walin-Jatkola, owner, CEO, +358 40 827 7354